In this page you can find a lot of opinions about RiFRA, from its customers.

Francesca Mannini

“I met RiFRA online and was impressed by the ONE model, a scenic kitchen that struck me straight to my heart, we then visited the RiFRA Store in Milan and a great love was born.

During the design process, many changes were made, aimed at ensuring that the design and structure of the house were better communicated.

Also the combination of two finishes so opposite has contributed to this winning result;

An elegant but at the same time welcoming and functional environment in which RiFRA has been able to enhance the space, which has acquired even more breadth and brightness.

The concrete effect is a very special finish but the kitchen impresses even for all the subtleties that are inside. For me it’s a marvel and there’s no comparison with other models… and I confess that my husband and I have seen so many models before making the kitchen of our dreams.

I can therefore say that it was a very positive experience, from design to assembly.

This RiFRA kitchen has allowed us to satisfy all our needs, to have a nice kitchen but also and above all functional, practical to use and clean, because if you like to cook and your table is always crowded, this is what really matters.

If you choose RiFRA is because you have a passion. RiFRA helps you in this passion, gives you the pleasure of cooking”.

Giancarla Benedetti

“I wanted something that was functional but also capable of giving value to the kitchen area. The model and finish that were chosen are in my opinion the most suitable for an open space consisting of living room, dining room and kitchen “

“There was not much space available, so we needed a minimal, functional and inconspicuous unit, once again the choice was perfect”

“Working with RiFRA was a great satisfaction because he followed us in the tight rhythms, satisfying our need to spend New Year’s Eve in our mountain retreat”

Nicoletta Ratti

D. How have you been with RiFRA? Tell us about your experience.

R. With Rifra was an exceptional experience, I have to say that I already knew the brand hearsay and for projects that realizes, but until a few months ago, I was not ever coming into contact with the company. When I arrived in RiFRA I already had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but I could not make it to the environment of my kitchen which as you can see it’s a bit unusual, especially for the cuts of the walls. In RiFRA I met a highly professional team and an architect who had the great virtue of understand my idea but above all to materialise it in an accurate project.

D. How was the choice of model and finishes?

R. I followed the advice of some employees of the company who from the beginning advised me to visit the store of Modena and I have to say that it was worth it. Once there I saw the main models but especially all the finishes and the various possibilities that I had, more or less expensive, and even there I was well recommended by the responsible for the store, it was a visit very useful to clear my head, and to understand what I wanted for my house.

D. What can you tell us about the use and functionality of the kitchen?

R. At first I was a little worried, as you can see I have four columns of which two are dedicated to household appliances, on the one hand, I have the fridge and freezer, on the other I have the ovens, and I was worried about not having enough space. I have to say that the interiors are very wide and the zones of the peninsula and the sink are structured so well that every inch is exploited. I was afraid of not having enough space instead it spare me.

D. So we can say that it has been a positive experience? About the post-production, how have you been?

R. Absolutely great! I haven’t had any kind of problem, the times were fully complied with, it has got a team of four people in my house that has been working nonstop. An experience that I would do it, and I would recommend also to my friends.

Arch. Marta Pasta

"At first I was thinking of a double island kitchen, and while I was looking for inspiration I discovered RiFRA, its Visual Hammer kitchen, which was just what I imagined.
Unfortunately, however, for reasons of space I was forced to abandon this idea, and so I opted for one island that divides the kitchen area from the living area, but it needs to have some precise features.

RiFRA has allowed me to realize all of my design project desires. The area that creates the living room would have to be warmer, and the library aligns perfectly with the fireplace, making it the buffer zone between the dining area and the kitchen.

The island allowed me to divide the spaces but at the same time to make them communicate perfectly.

The choice of the ONE model was designed for its 45° cuts on the plinth as well, thanks to which the effect is that of a floor-mounted monobloc.

The island is not just a classic furnishing element, but the design object I wanted to stand out from the floor and capture the attention of the room.

The material effect of RiFRA’s cement finishing has made it possible to create continuity with the materials that were used in the historical period when this house was created.

If you think that before the renovation there was a kitchen that was a real concrete block on which the sink and hob were built, RiFRA allowed us to interpret the tradition of that historic period in a modern key.

With RiFRA, I have found the possibility of bringing my ideas of design and finishing to life."

Arch. Alessio Fontanesi

Fontanesi architect welcomed us into a unique home, close to Colosseum. Original, eclectic and very personalized he tells us how Rifra met his design ideas in the interview that has kindly given us.

Q. How do you know RiFRA?

A. I met RiFRA through suggestion of one of my consultant that deals with purchases and I heard about it as of a company that offers maximum possibility of customization.

In view of the the difficulty of this kitchen, thick of household appliances and technology, I asked for a meeting with the owners and I immediately found the products that are compatible with what I had intended to do.

Q. In view of the special features of the property and the historical context in which it finds itself, how did you carry the choice of the model and the finish of the kitchen? Also saw the rich details and style that wrap it ?

A. One of the first ideas was to choose a very bright colour, a pompeian red, but being the house already pretty contaminated with metaphysical elements, bows and tender marble flooring invisible white and stiff marble new Belgium Black, we had to limit the explosion of color.

Having opted for these walls that bind in the intermediate manner between black and white of the pavement, we chose the gloss white varnishing and I think it was a perfect solution because a more strong colour would have polarized and attracted too much attention on that kitchen, in this way however it results embedded and part of the environment.

Q. How did you choose the top?

A. Between the various options that we have evaluated there was the statuary marble that afterlife of absolutely important costs, it had the problem of going to die with the kitchen, instead we were looking for anything stands out and plays of contrast between the black and white pavement of the living room, but also as a top.
We choose a grey quartz to ensure a certain continuity of style with kitchen and living room.

Q. What problems related to the design have you met? How does it think the assembly and the result of this collaboration between study and company?

A. Being a building of the nineteenth century but coming from a series of transformations and since this is an ancient property in its origins, the difficulty encountered was due to a heavy out-of-square anfles for which we have had to adapt the kitchen all the time and decide where and how to absorb these issues.

The assembly was carried out in accordance with best practice.

The care with which the professionals of the company have followed and solved all the design problems, was vital to the successful result of a project sought and ambitious.

Alberto e Lorenza Alfieri
Realization of a kitchen and a bathroom “ONE” for an apartment in Adriana Square, Rome.

Q. How do you know RiFRA?

A. We were looking for a solution for the bathroom that my wife knew as an environment that is able to convey a sense of calm and sophisticated order.

We didn’t know RiFRA , but from a click we entered in its world, probably we were just on the official website in the section of the international project, being huge fans of international design.

At the beginning for the kitchen we were planning to replicate the solution adopted in our house in the past, but during this exciting research for the bathroom at the end we chose on RiFRA also for the kitchen.

We talked about it with our architect (Capolei architects) who already knew you and they immediately embraced our thoughts. Discharged the idea about a linear and elegant style we went in the store of Modena to see the product first hand and we became friends.

Q. How did you choose the finishes and the model?

A. As you can see, for the kitchen we chose the finishing in black cement and matt white lacquer.

The solution of the design of the house is entirely played on the white and black tones, we used to have a combination in contrast, a dark monolith at the center of the room that completely stands out from the rest of the components and opening up the environment to conviviality without any hoods encumbrance.

In the bathroom, RiFRA was what my wife was exactly looking for.
The walls by the concrete effect welcome the ONE furniture matt white lacquered, in line with the design to 45 degrees of the island and of the columns in the kitchen, a big mirror led backlit and the Smooth bathtub.
To completion of a relaxing and zen setting we chose a finnish sauna.

Q. How was the provided service ( assembly and post sale)?

R. Regarding the assembly we have had to deal with people who are very experienced and professional.

We were given a week of time to mount the two bathrooms and the kitchen, instead the everything is settled in two days.

We feel very satisfied, we also appreciated the effort in the transport of a block of very heavy and big sizes.
In the post-sale the commercial department was very efficient (missing the washbasin waste in the bathroom, they came here from Milan in two days).

From the planning to the realization we have had many doubts about the dimensions, but it all went very well because your team followed us and side by side at every stage.

The living room had to be the most important part of the house, instead we are always in the kitchen and also our friends never go out from here.

Barbara Bacchiddu
Cliente privato Milano

Realizzazione di una cucina LINE a Milano.

“Abbiamo conosciuto RiFRA grazie al nostro architetto a cui ci siamo affidati per la ristrutturazione della casa.

Come prima cosa abbiamo analizzato i modelli per trovare quello che più rispecchiasse la nostra personalità.

Per poter conoscere al meglio il prodotto ci è stata offerta la possibilità, che abbiamo accolto con entusiasmo, di visitare l’azienda; in questo modo abbiamo potuto conoscere dal vivo un’azienda produttrice per definizione che segue l’intera filiera produttiva.

Una volta conclusa questa fase conoscitiva, ci siamo concentrati nuovamente sul prodotto e dopo una ulteriore analisi dello spazio abbiamo scelto il modello LINE che spicca per la sua linearità ma anche per il suo design pulito e senza tempo.

L’ufficio tecnico e il commerciale ci hanno accompagnati durante tutta la lunga progettazione e l’elaborazione dei preventivi.

Ed infine la cucina è entrata in casa prima della fine dei lavori, grazie anche all’equipe di montatori RiFRA che concludono la filiera del vero su misura.

Giorno dopo giorno si sta rivelando una scelta ottimale sia per il semplice ma sofisticato design che per la sua estrema funzionalità; la possibilità di sfruttare interamente l’angolo con il meccanismo LE MANS, la capienza delle basi, la profondità del top in acciaio inox, i pensili a vasistas, ci consentono di conservare molto ma senza appesantire lo spazio di una cucina abitabile.

Grazie a tutti e buon lavoro.”

Benedetta Radaelli
Cliente privata, Monza

Realizzazione di una cucina LINE per un appartamento di una giovane coppia a Monza.


Abbiamo affidato la progettazione degli spazi dell’ appartamento al nostro Architetto che è entrato in contatto con il referente RiFRA che segue la zona Monza e Brianza; insieme ci hanno fatto conoscere i prodotti accompagnandoci al vostro showroom monomarca di Fiorano Modenese, permettendoci di vivere un’esperienza davvero unica.

È stato proprio dopo aver visto e toccato con mano i prodotti che abbiamo capito che ci saremmo affidati a RiFRA per la qualità notevole del prodotto ma soprattutto per il design che la contraddistingue e che si è dimostrato fin da subito in perfetta armonia con il nostro stile e gusto.


Abbiamo affidato a RiFRA il compito di rendere unica la nostra cucina.

Il modello scelto è la serie LINE che si contraddistingue per la sua inconfondibile linearità, cioè ciò che noi esattamente cercavamo.

Sulla finitura non avevo particolari dubbi perché il bianco opaco è sempre stata la mia prima scelta; ad esso abbiamo accostato un top in quarzo bianco lucido in perfetto abbinamento.

La particolare planimetria della zona pranzo si è perfettamente sposata con il design RiFRA, permettendoci di sfruttare al meglio la zona che abbiamo destinato ai pensili, l’angolo, ma soprattutto di delimitare la zona con uno snack che per la sua funzionalità ha rubato totalmente la scena al tavolo classico da pranzo.

Lo snack ha permesso di delimitare la zona pranzo da quella giorno in quanto si tratta di un open space ma allo stesso modo ha favorito il convivio e la socializzazione con gli ospiti che preferiscono vivere questa zona piuttosto che la zona giorno.


Sia la progettazione che infine il montaggio impeccabile eseguito da un personale gentile ed educato ci hanno permesso di vivere un’esperienza davvero positiva.

Anche il post vendita è stato positivo, infatti durante il montaggio ci siamo accorti che avevamo bisogno di aggiungere un piccolo dettaglio e la richiesta è stata accolta senza problemi e la reazione rapida è stata davvero di nostro aiuto.

Un ottimo lavoro svolto da tutto il team! Grazie di cuore.

Marco Camisi

Il design di RiFRA, si sposa con il mio stile, all'interno dei brand top di gamma che ho valutato. L'esperienza con RiFRA è stata una sorpresa, il servizio è eccellente, dalle prime fasi del progetto al montaggio.

Jared Della Valle
Presidente di Alloy

"RIFRA is the ONLY supplier that I have worked with exclusively for this long in my 20 years of having my own business. It has been approximately 10 years of partnership and support that is unsurpassed. RIFRA has shown incredible flexibility and capacity to help us realize the vision/design of our projects.
My relationship with the principals in particular has created a trust in the outcome.
Projects of the scale and complexity of ours are difficult to manage/produce.
Of course mistakes happen (it is construction after all) but I can always rely on the fact that RIFRA is there to help solve the problem.
It's simple really, I always have faith in the quality of the product and the design of the product but most importantly I appreciate the relationship that I have with the people that I interface with."

Roy Otwell
Direttore di Switch - Atlanta, GA

"We are very proud of the Rifra product line.
As regional dealers, Rifra plays a large part in our overall bottom line.
The products are beautifully made and the dealer service is superb. We are able to sell Rifra without concern of problems after installation. Our customers are always satisfied with the quality and durability."

Daniel Popescu
Interior designer presso Bilotta - New York, NY

"I have been in this industry for over 30 years and Rifra is by far the leading manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and fittings in the world. The quality of both product and design is outstanding, unique and innovative.
Working with Rifra makes my life as a designer so easy – the factory is such a pleasure to work with, such a knowledgeable and attentive staff, prompt to respond to my questions and needs.
Their help with details and pricing on the product is excellent. The many projects I have done with Rifra have been flawless – no problems, no delays, no mistakes.
The products are shipped in perfect wrapping and shipping conditions which is important since it's traveling overseas. Installations go smoothly – no headaches. Rifra uses the finest materials available – leather, lacquers, Cristal plant, etc. These products and offerings coupled with all the various accessories (backlit mirrors, lighting, bathtubs) makes Rifra a one-stop-shop for luxurious contemporary bathrooms. And when you add on the outstanding assistance of the factory you couldn't choose a better product.
Not one of my clients has been disappointed – on the contrary they have been so satisfied that they have recommended me and the Rifra product to their friends to."

Rich Corbett
Direttore di Richlin Interiors - Estero, FL, United States

"Doing business with Rifra has been a true pleasure for us here at Richlin Interiors.
We have been impressed with the quick response and professional approach your company has offered us.
Rifra has always provided unparalleled interior design products and swift customer service.
You're elegant and high quality products allow us continue to create aesthetically pleasing interior spaces for our clients.
Rifra's service and commitment to excellence and professionalism has been a leading factor in our success.
Thank you and keep up the good work. "

Katherine McConvey

"Matteo, my house in Florida is coming to the end of the building process and finally becoming a home. Many of the pieces I touch each day are designed and created by your company, Rifra. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the look and feel of the pieces. The main kitchen makes quite a statement but my private food prep area is my pride & joy. I LOVE the look, feel and utility.
The master bath room & tub are simply gorgeous and all of the panels that surround it, make it complete. The outdoor kitchen gets used weekly and may be the hit of the house, as far as the kids are concerned.
With as many kitchens/breakfast bars & bathrooms that are on the property, all supplied by your company, I know I made the right choice to have all done by you. Again, thank you and all of your staff who worked so diligently to make this happen. I promise to send pictures as soon as available."

Sandrine Franconeri
Società Federspiel

It is 15 years that I work for Federspiel, and I am work on the showroom in Luxemburg, and it is 7 years that I collaborate with Rifra.
Every year, I love more and more its presentation at the exposition.
Its concept of bathroom is very evolved.
And as for the organization, I find it very efficient: it always has a perfect service.
So I think we will go on with the collaboration for many years.

Marc Bei
Imprenditore e Costruttore

It is 30 years that we are builders in Luxemburg.
We make tailor-made projects and we have an architecture studio.
We have realized that the collaboration between our company and Rifra is the best one.
In fact, Rifra's design marries very well with our architecture.
So what we most love of Rifra is its design, and especially its finish.
Moreover, an important advantage is the organization's flexibility, so we can customize everything we want, and this is something that other firms, at the same level of Rifra, do not do.
As a result, this is what we most appreciate of Rifra.

Giuseppe Fascianella
Salvacarro Belgio

Our company, Salvacarro, has been started 30 years ago by my father, Salvatore. It has Italian origins.
It is a familiar company in Bruxelles.
It is 5 years that we work with Rifra, and we are specialized in the bathroom.
We are really confident with Rifra and we are very proud of our collaboration.
We absolutely love the brand's exposition, because it is always very elegant and fascinating.
In the end, the bathroom becomes a dream. It makes people dream.
And every year, Rifra's presentation is better and better.

Chiara Longoni

Finding a product that could completely mirror us: this was the main difficulty while choosing the kitchen.
With Rifra we found a design product, simple, with a special attention to details, that really reflects our expectations in functionality and style, and the way we conceive home.
While furnishing the house, we looked for design, something linear and essential.
We furnished both the kitchen and the bathroom with Rifra in order to have a continuity between the two locations, as they have the same style, details and materials.

Udo Schmiedt

We have two expositions and our focus is on high-level bathrooms.
Showrooms are inside a tile-shop; this means that customers can choose both bathroom and tiles at the same time, and this makes his choice easier.
We work with Rifra since five or six years, and very well.
My favorite piece of furniture is the K.one, which is very particular and clearly distinguishes from the others for structure, washbasin and fronts.

Robert Bützberger

We have a company with exposition in Füllinsdorf.
We started with our activity 5 years ago and we have a design company, with Rifra's products.
We collaborate with Rifra since 6 years.
What I most appreciate of Rifra is design, quality and the collaboration we have with the company.

Manuel Benitez

The bathroom market has developed a lot during the last years.
This is a life space, a private place. That is where people go at the beginning of the day and it has acquired a lot of importance.
It is 2 years and a half that we work with Rifra.
The company has a unique line and a very specific design.
Its products have a pure design and technology is advanced.

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