The most demanding customers and projectors in the world choose RiFRA,
in order to give value to their own property, with the style and elegance of the “direct from Milan”

Furthermore the complete control of the productive chain is a warranty of uniformity of the finishes.

We produce at the same time, kitchens and baths for a determinate customer, in order to deliver a perfect and uniformed product.

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Ivanovo, Russia – Apartment

Bruxelles, Belgium - Villa

Italy, Roma, Piazza Adriana

Italy, Monza, Kitchen Line

Germany, Francoforte, private villa

Switzerland, Lugano Lake, private villa

Italy, Firenze, Apartment

Vallonia, Belgium – Villa

Belgium, Knokke, private villa

Belgium, Bruxelles, private villa

Milano, Italy - Apartment

Hoboken, New Jersey - Villa

Vienna, Austria - Villa

USA, Los Angeles, CA - Beverly Hills

Nord Europe, private villa

USA, Los Angeles, CA - Beverly Hills Opus

USA, Miami Beach, FL

Italy, Brescia, Apartment

Lago Maggiore, Italy - Apartment

Italy, Tuscany, private villa

Italy, Varese, historical villa

Brianza, Italy - Apartment

Belgium, Bruxelles

Belgium, design villa

Roma, Italy - Villa

Novara, Italy - Villa

USA, Los Angeles, CA - Laguna

Utrecht, Netherlands – Apartment

Massa Carrara, Italy – Apartment

Merate, Italy – Apartment

Italy, Milano, P.zza Conciliazione

USA, Los Angeles, CA - Bel Air

USA, Los Angeles, CA - Stradella

Milano, Italy - Apartment

Pavia, Italy - Loft

Italy, Monza, Apartment

USA, New York, apartment

Spain, Ibiza, private villa

Romagnano Sesia, Italy – Villa

Switzerland, Lugano Lake, private villa

Milano, Italy – Apartment

Monza, Italy – Villa

New York, USA – Villa

USA, Vero Beach, FL - Ocean Drive

Italy, Como Lake, private villa

Russia, Moscow, Apartment

USA, Miami Beach, FL - Palm Island

Monferrato, Italy - Villa

Italy, Milano, Apartment

New York, USA - Villa

Roma, Italy – Apartment

Italy, Milano, Apartment

Italy, Roma, Colosseo

Italy, Maso, Trentino Alto Adige

Switzerland, Ticino, Lake Maggiore - private villa

Spain, Ibiza, private villa

Belgium, private villa

Belarus, Minsk, apartment

Massa Carrara, Italy - Apartment

Milano, Italy – Loft

Switzerland, Brione sopra Minusio, private villa A

Spain, Barcellona

USA - Los Angeles Sarbonne project

Milano, Italy – Apartment

USA, Los Angeles, CA - Oriole

USA, Iowa, Ankeny, Des Moines

USA, Iowa, Des Moines - aparment

Lecco, Italy – Villa

Italy, Brianza, private villa

USA, Iowa, Des Moines

Val Vigezzo, Italy - Villa

Italy, Como Lake, private villa

Switzerland, Brione sopra Minusio, private villa B

Valsugana, Italy – Apartment

Italy, Milano - Kitchen One

Italy, Milano, Apartment

Milano, Italy – Apartment

Los Angeles, USA – Apartment

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