RiFRA Experience

Series of videos dedicated to a better understanding of the RiFRA product.

Scuderia Blue Event

The first event organized by RiFRA in collaboration with Scuderia Blu, Maserati’s official dealer, was held in the exclusive RiFRA Store in Milan. During the evening, under the banner of “Made in Italy”, guests were able to discover the finishes of the Maserati cars elegantly displayed in the RiFRA collections.

RiFRA has inaugurated its new single-brand showrooms.

The RiFRA Store in Rome interprets and proposes the style of the brand through the refined and exclusive presentation of a real ” RiFRA Home ” presenting the main collections of the brand.

Episode 10

We know that the search for a new kitchen is a real investment, and sometimes the buying process can be difficult.

For this reason, we have dedicated a special evening to the last people who contacted our RiFRA Store in Milan for a kitchen project.

Episode 9

It is a very important stage for those who love design and furniture: we are talking about the Salone del Mobile in Milan, which in 2019 was performed from 9 to 14 April at Rho Fiera.

Milan is the capital of fashion and is also the capital of furniture with the Design Week. A week in which between the fair, the city and the Fuorisalone 2019 the thousands of people coming from all over the world. They were able to choose to participate in events, parties, exhibitions and installations.

The Fuorisalone in fact contains a series of initiatives that are performed in the capital of Lombardy throughout the week.

Episode 8

RiFRA has several bathroom furniture collections in its catalog. What are the differences between them?

This is a recurring question that our customers often make during the first appointment. So we have dedicated to the answer to this question the ninth episode of RiFRA Experience, where we retrace the main collections of RiFRA, analyzing the various differences between them.

Episode 7

"Open Day" on October 12th in our RiFRA showroom in Milan. We have accompanied our customers and fans of the brand on a journey between taste and design.

In this summary video reportage, you can relive the highlights of the day, such as the preparation of food by our chefs, and its live cooking and some interviews with people who attended.

Episode 6

RiFRA has several collections of Kitchen in its catalogue; what are the differences between them?

This is a recurring question that our customers often ask us, during the first appointment, and so we dedicated the eighth episode of RiFRA Experience to answering this question, where we retrace the main collections of RiFRA, analysing the differences between different collections.

Episode 5

Wall-hung bathroom furniture is an ever-growing trend, both for its practicality and, above all, for its aesthetic elegance.

If you choose a wall-hung piece of furniture, you are undoubtedly making an aesthetic choice that is precise, minimalist and therefore extremely elegant.

Episode 4

In this fourth episode we wanted to analyze together with you the reasons why our FLY Kitchen is unique and exclusive.

Episode 3

In this third episode we wanted to analyze together with you the 7 reasons which make our ONE Kitchen exclusive

Key Points:

1:04 – 1. Design at 45°
4:44 – 2. Double island kitchen
6:30 – 3. Handmade finish
9:51 – 4. Lacked interior
11:05 – 5. Internal guides in satinized steel
16:03 – 6. Invisible base
21:14 – 7. Control on the production

Episode 2

Visit the products Sub-zero and Wolf, high quality American electrical appliance, which we install in some of our RiFRA kitchens

We introduce you in their show rooms and in their firm in Chicago, Illinois and at Madison, Wisconsin.

Episode 1

How to cook on a RiFRA Kitchen.
Learn about the ultimate cooking techniques on a RiFRA model ONE in Black cement with the chef Luigi Cassago and Carlo Bonaso, Ad of Frigo2000

We cooked on induction cooking plates and on the Teppanyaki plate, in Wolf ovens, with food conservation in Sub-zero refrigerators, and in the end we will show you the importance of the wine cellar.

0:00 Introduction
1:20 English breakfast cooked on the induction plate Teppanyaki and the extractor hood integrated in the Bora kitchen.
5:58 Croissant and Muffins in the Wolf oven
9:26 Conservation in the Sub-zero refrigerators
11:44 Sub-zero wine cellar
14:04 Final Toast

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