Rifra has always been considered as a firm which supplies the market with high quality products.

Quality is reached and develops through the transformation of raw material into the final product.

High quality raw materials and dedicated to the kitchen and bath world, expert and motivated human resources, together with the latest technology available on the market, position RiFRa’s products at the top of the “made in Italy” production of furniture.

In particular, the carpentry, completely modernized with the latest 5 axes machinery, is able to produce “on measure” specific products, satisfying our customer’s needs.

The painting sector sets the refinish level at the summit of high quality kitchen and bath furniture market.

The lacquering is internal, both for opaque, lucid colors and wooden finishes.

RiFRA is one of the few firms in the Kitchen and Bath sector, which controls all of the production chain, starting from the projection, production, finish, assembly and finally to the delivery.

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