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Design Talk with the architect Matteo Crippa: residential architecture

The RiFRA client, Matteo Crippa, is a partner at the architecture studio "Dominet" in Milan.
It is a young studio born from a strong passion among the university benches.

Right from their first residential projects, which came during their final year at university, they demonstrated a maniacal attention to detail, to aesthetics, but above all they defined their style, that is, their extreme willingness to listen to the client, to research and understand his intentions, tastes and needs, without imposing their own architectural taste.

The client is assisted from the project to the delivery in the flat;

"the project and furniture selection phase is very important for the client, we usually make a carefully presentation with various options of the spaces and furniture.

The goal is to try to establish all the characteristics of the flat right from the start, allowing us to be very precise in the final presentation and to have a detailed overview to show the client how their home will really look like."

In this episode of DesignTalk, we discussed all this with the architect Matteo Crippa, with particular regard to his latest projects.

We would like to thank the architect Matteo Crippa for taking part in RiFRA's DesignTalk

You can find his contacts, projects, and press review at the following site:

Design talk with Annalisa Mauri, discussing interior architecture

Architect and interior designer, Annalisa Mauri graduated with top marks from the Milan Polytechnic Faculty of Architecture in the mid 1990s. Her relationship with the university continued as lecturer and researcher in the Department of Architecture and Planning.

In 1996, in parallel with her educational activities, she started practicing as free-lancer with projects both in Italy and abroad: Architecture, Interiors, Furniture Design and Urban Design are her fields of expertise.

Design talk with the architect Alexandra Fedorova, “the ultramodern”

Design Talk is the first Talk Show and Podcast, dedicated to architects and the world of design.

We talk about design, marketing, product market and materials.

The guest of this episode is the architect Alexandra Fedorova, who directs his architecture firm based in Moscow.

They work on residential and public architecture and operates in the field of interior design for both structures.

Design talk, superior homestaging

Design Talk is the first Talk Show and Podcast, dedicated to architects and the world of design.

We talk about design, marketing, product market and materials.

The guests of this episode are our customers Simona and Marco Palermo, founders of “SUPERIOR HOME STAGING”, a Swiss company based in Zurich, but thanks to their origins, it is also aimed at a German and Italian clientele.

Episode 4

The guest of the new episode of Design Talk is the architect Alessio Fontanesi, from FONTANESI PROGETTAZIONI of Rome.

The topic of the episode is principally oriented on the mature experience of the residential architecture.

Projects discussed in the episode:

Colosseum project in Rome.
Tuscany: project of a residential swimming pool.
Sicily. Realization of a wine cellar in Agrigento.
Milan: restoration of an apartment on two levels.
Rome: 3 apartments of 30 m2 each, whose owner decided to unify them in order to create an apartment of 210 m2 in Ara Pacis area.
London: conversion of a bureau in an art gallery in the May Fair area.

Interview of the Capolei architects

The guests of the third episode are the Capolei architects, who talk about the experiences developed in their historical Rome bureau, in particular they focus on the portual architecture, describing the project realized in Italy and around the world, then closing on residential projects, highlighting the differences between the residential architecture of Rome and Milan.

Interview of Andrea Langhi, Architecture

The guest of the second episode is the architect Andrea Langhi, the most important projector of public locals (bar; clubs, restaurants and so on) with more than 500 locals projected all around the world.

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Design Talk is the first Talk Show and Podcast, dedicated to architects and to the world of designing.

Here we talk about Design, marketing, market product and materials.

Design Talk, sponsored by RiFRA Kitchens direct from Milan.

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