Ethical code

Rifra is performing its activities in an institutional, economic, political, social and cultural context in continual and rapid evolution.

To deal successfully with the complexity of the situations which the company is involved, it is important to clearly define the set of values which Rifra is inspired; one of the pillars of the industrial philosophy is the Rifra's attention to the person.

In addition Rifra, manage its business and its business relationships, inspired by the principles of legality, honesty, fairness, transparency, efficiency and open market.

In particular the staff of Rifra must avoid any situation which could result in a conflict between their personal interests and the interest of the company.

For these reasons, we introduce the Ethical Code and Business Conduct, which must be respected by the direction and all the staff of the Company. This code is crucial, for the good functioning and reliability of the Company, and to protect the prestige, the image and the know-how of Rifra. All this factors are all crucial for the success of our company.

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