Ethical code

RiFRA performs its activities in an institutional, economical, political and social context, in a continuously and rapidly developing.

In order to face with success the complexities of the situations in which the firm operates, is important to define the totality of values from which RiFRA inspires itself and wants them to be respected; one of the main cornerstones of the industrial philosophy is the attention reserved to the person, intended both as a single and as a community.

Furthermore RiFRA, for the business management and relationship, gets inspiration from principles of legality, loyalty, accuracy, transparency, efficiency and opening to the market. In any other way the conviction of acting in favor of the firm can justify the eventual adoption of a behavior in contrast with these principles.

In particular the associates must avoid any situation which could imply, also apparently, a conflict between the personal interests and the firm interests.

For these reasons the Ethical and Industrial behavior code was written, whose observance by the Administrators and Associates, fulfill a fundamental importance, both for the right functioning and reliability of the Firm and for the prestige, image and the “know how” safeguard, factors which represent a decisive patrimony for the firm’s success.

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