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The sales network is under development and we are looking for people with a passion for design and the RiFRA brand.

If you are a retailer of kitchen and/or bathroom furniture, or an entrepreneur looking for new opportunities, please read the information on this page and download our marketing plan for RiFRA affiliated stores.

If you have any questions, would like more information or would prefer to be contacted, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


We have created a free video course dedicated to furniture distribution entrepreneurs, in which we show how the advent of the Internet, smartphones and social networks have changed the market, and how RiFRA with its marketing strategy can help you.

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Product and Materials Collections

The 5 product collections Kitchens and Bathrooms are complementary to each other, with a contemporary design, which is enhanced by the use of materials and innovative materials.

The kitchens and bathroom furniture are produced in the RiFRA factory in Lesmo, which is equipped with the latest production machinery.

Each collection has its own specific price positioning;

The design of the collections and the research and development of the materials is carried out in the company, by our designers of the RiFRALAB.

All information about the company and the product collections can be found on our website and on our blog.

The RiFRA Store is a flagship store that covers an area of 200 m2; the first one is located in the city of Milan, after which was recently inaugurated the RiFRA Store Rome, and the next opening is planned in the city of New York.

La denominazione "RiFRA Spaces" è riservata ai punti vendita di arredamento / arredobagno, che espongono al proprio interno Cucine e Bagni RiFRA con progettazione realizzata dal centro stile RiFRA.

Distribution: RiFRA Store or RiFRA Space

Examples of design, existing showrooms and shop in shops, and testimonials from entrepreneurs related to RiFRA are present in this marketing plan for the point of sale.

Marketing and Advertising

The RiFRA brand is positioned in the high-end market, and its marketing is aimed to attract a high-spending clientele that is then conveyed in the stores affiliated with the brand.

While public relations with journalists finds its natural approach in the printed press, the advertising investment is concentrated online, to intercept, both the latent and the conscious demand of the potential target customer.

Marketing and brand promotion activities in support of RiFRA Stores or RiFRA Spaces are illustrated in this "Become a RiFRA Partner" guide.


We are available to provide further information, by e-mail, telephone and by appointment at the company headquarters or at the showroom in Milan. For specific requests, just fill out the contact form.

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