Unique and exclusive kitchens
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Rifra's Identity

ONE is the most exclusive kitchen on the trade.
K.ONE is a monoblock furniture with top, sides and bases shaped at 45°and thickness of 30 mm.


Design's lightness

The FLY collection is characterized by its 30°beveled top and by the intentionally over-sized horizontal support. The 45°beveled sides and doors,22 mm thick, create a continuous...


Linear design

Linearity. This is the key of the Line collection for a clean and timeless design. The doors have a 22 mm thickness and the top has a 20 mm thickness. The interior is in...


Integrated design

The integrated handle in the door,25 mm thickness, characterizes the collection. The top has a thickness or 20 or 30 mm. A modern design that connects aesthetic and functionality...

Do you want a dedicated kitchen project?

The dedicated project includes:

  • RiFRA designer dedicated to your project.
  • Chat reserved with your designer.
  • 3D project with quotation of RiFRA products.
  • BOX sent home, with inside the project and the sampling of the chosen materials.