The RiFRA bathrooms are perfectly complementared
to the our kitchens collection.


Pure Forms

The K.KUBE model presents itself as a piece of furniture with pure forms. It has no visible handles and no visible grooves or profiles on any part of the furniture.


Rifra's Identity

K.One is a collection of exclusive monobloc furrniture that surprises for the innovatic cromatic play created by the finishings and by the shapes at 45° that diminish its...


Light design

The characteristic of this new collection is the doors and sides beveled at 45°,visible in the frontal and lateral view. Its 30°beveled top and the intentionally over-sized...


Linear Design

K.LINE is a fine monoblock furniture that transmits a new aesthetic style of RiFRA. Its module has 40 cm (height and width). Besides that, K.LINE is characterized by a...


Linear design

The modular furniture RiFRA reachs its most high level with the ZERO collection. The door has a strong thickness and it is characterized by the integrated handles. The...