Pure Forms

The K.KUBE model presents itself as a piece of furniture with pure forms. It has no visible handles and no visible grooves or profiles on any part of the furniture.

The 45° workings on the K.KUBE are shown inside the cabinet in the profile of the top, the side profiles and the base unit.

In this way the volume is pure, without interruption.

The interiors and drawer rails are presented in wood or covered in microfibre.



The design of K.KUBE is a pure volume without interruption.
The 45° shaping is on the inside perimeter of the doors, the structure and the top, so that the external volume is like an uninterrupted cube. The drawer is opened from the underside through a special manufacturing process


The quality of K.Kube can be seen through the 25 mm door thickness.
Combined with rails in wood finishing, matt lacquered, or covered in microfibre.


K.kube is available in 8 widths, 1 height and 1 depth.
For specific needs, we have our own in-house carpentry that can produce it tailored to your project.


The k.kube interiors are, as standard, in wood or matt lacquered finish, depending on the choice of exterior material.

Microfibre interior

As optional it is possible to have the drawer covered in soft microfibre, in two colours, black and dove grey.
The drawer can be equipped with microfibre dividers. For a total look, even the rails are completely covered.

New dividers

Another new possibility is to have the interior in Black Ash, for maximum elegance and functionality.
They are specially designed for the daily needs of the female public.

Customised rails

The rails are always made by Blum, with total extraction and soft closing. But for the K.Kube collection, however, they are available in wood or in matt lacquered finish. On request, it is possible to cover them with soft microfibre, in black or dove-grey.

Soft closing

All RiFRA furniture offers soft and silent closing of drawers and pull-outs as standard.


The high standard of RiFRA's production allows you to customise your furniture in the best possible way. These are our proposals: matt lacquered, glossy lacquered, woods, leather, cement, clay, oak + clay. Discover them in the section dedicated to materials.

Technical Specifications

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