Rifra's Identity

K.One is a collection of exclusive monobloc furrniture that surprises for the innovatic cromatic play created by the finishings and by the shapes at 45° that diminish its internal angles.

The visual impact results unique. The manner in which the furniture captures your attention is immediate thanks to its door that seems to float in the empty.


45° design

K.one’s design impresses for its 45° cuts, which are the main feature of the model. Sides, top, base and fronts are shaped at 45°. The visual impact surprises for lightness. K.one is a perfect example of design that embraces practicality. In fact, its top is both structural and esthetic: a revolution in the bathroom’s design furniture world.

Strong thickness

K.one’s quality is also given by the structure’s strong 30mm and fronts' 25mm thickness. Opening the drawer, a sensation of solidity is immediately perceived. Rifra’s products’ quality comes out in the long term, as value of a long-lasting good.

Tailor-made, for you

K.one is available in 8 widths, 4 heights and 1 deepness. Nonetheless, if you have specific needs in furnishing your bathroom, the firm’s woodworking area will build it for you.

Lacquered internals

K.one’s standard internals are matt lacquered in the same lacquer’s color of externals.

Microfiber internals

With an extra price, it is possible to cover internals with soft microfiber, available in dove-grey and black, perfect to contain your precious effects such as the makeup, jewelries and watches.

Microfiber partitions

The drawers’ internals can be divided with microfiber partitions, for a perfect organization.

Steel drawer rails

K.one has no fronts, only drawers: they slide along on steel rails, customized with RIFRA MILANO. The finish made of steel gives an elegant touch to furniture.

Soft-close drawers

All Rifra’s furniture has standard soft-close and silent drawers.

Soft-close fronts

K.one has a standard special hinge with damper, that slows the drawer’s closing down.


The high Rifra’s production standard, allows you to customize your furniture. Here are our propositions: matt lacquered, glossy lacquered, wood, leather, cement, clay and raw oak + clay.


Technical Specifications

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