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Creation of kitchen and bathrooms in a villa on lake Lugano, Switzerland

Using One/K.One collections, RiFra has designed a lakeside villa that has been comprehensively refurbished. The design’s guiding theme, in accordance with the customer’s wishes, was to com..

Luxury bathroom: when to choose the bathtub and when the shower

Whether you choose the shower or the bathtub, or both, you should bear in mind that they are both dominant elements in a luxury bathroom, not just from an aesthetic viewpoint but also from a functiona..

Kitchen with special clay finish

Clay is a natural material as it is obtained from the earth and at the end of its cycle it returns to the earth. It is readily available as it is formed by runoff from rocks of various types. Clay or ..

Realization in the north of Belgium

The ONE Kitchen of RiFRA, is the protagonist in this design villa located in northern Belgium. The customer chose a total white look: The kitchen is completely lacquered with Pure White Matte, with a ..

design kitchen for small spaces: is it possible?

Lifestyles change and even the size of the houses whose size is gradually reducing. A few square meters available and the need to transform these environments, however, livable and attractive, are the..

YOO on the Park project, Atlanta; A tower of luxury rental apartments with the best services in the city

Is this how future generations will live in big cities? Delivered by RiFRA Milano, 245 kitchens and 400 bathroom compositions. Since a few weeks, the new apartment tower “YOO on The Park” ..

Corian washbasin for the bathroom

Corian is a material that has been invented and manufactured by DuPont since 1967. The importance of Corian is that it has revolutionized the industrial manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom counterto..

Villa Varese, furnished with a RiFRA kitchen

In the frenzy of a city center, there is a villa in a perfect Liberty style with a truly irresistible charm. A renovation, faithful to the original inspiration, which fully respected the external stru..

RiFRA, White in Kitchen: the purity of design

Corian, matt lacquered and glossy lacquered White in kitchen is synonymous of elegance and design. It increases perceptually spaces and lightens at the same time: the small environments acquire depth ..

Luxury bathroom fixtures: which one to choose

Furnishing your bathroom involves choosing different elements and accessories that will coexist resulting in a harmonious blend of style. If carefully chosen, every detail will make the difference and..


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